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Refuelling for biking: in search of neighborhood bakeshops

As I go through my biking route, one of the places I look for are neighborhood bakeries. These are very convenient bike stops as you can get your food without leaving your bike. Going inside a 7-11 means parking and (locking) your bike outside, a bit of a hassle. In the case of these bakeries, since these are by the side of the streets, you can just leave your bike to one side, without entirely leaving it unguarded.

KababayanOf course one other reason is that you can buy bread by the piece. And there is a lot of variety, from pan de sal to Spanish bread. There’s also that bread with a red or green coloring, I don’t really know how it’s called. My next project would probably be to document the names of these types of breads.  🙂 I mean there are items like pianono and putok, etc. For the meantime at least, I know the name of my favorite. It’s called Kababayan. I can probably eat half-a-dozen of these anytime.



3 thoughts on “Refuelling for biking: in search of neighborhood bakeshops

  1. Groundhog:

    The bread with red filling is called Pan de Regla. No kidding! Delish!


    Posted by Jerome | May 22, 2008, 4:57 pm
  2. No wonder it tastes so different haha.

    Posted by Joma | May 26, 2008, 5:23 pm
  3. Hey I like kababayan too! I always refer to it as makabayan though. I also like the original simple and basic ensaymada sprinkled with asukal, pre-megamelt and supermelt era. During our weekend bike rides along daang hari, my friends and I enjoy hanging out at this cafe that serves hot pandesal! Perfect way to kick start your saturdays and/or sundays.

    Posted by runpinayrun | October 21, 2008, 9:58 pm

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