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Renewing your driver’s license

Wow, it seems that as the year is about to end, I still get the chance to have an encounter with another government agency, this time the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Although I have had good experience with LTO from my previous renewals, I was still pleasantly surprised with the fast turn around this time. When the last time I got my license renewed (three years ago), it took around 3 hours (pretty fast then), this time it took only 50 minutes. Of course, it helped that it was still holiday season and there were only few applicants.

I went to the LTO office in P. Tuazon St., Cubao this morning around 8:30 am. I got the application form, filled it up, proceeded across the street to the Drug Testing; paid 250 pesos for it. I was lucky to have been able to pee; somehow I don’t feel the urge especially if you’re doing it consciously, like trying to fill a small bottle, and somebody looking over you. Next stop was the Medical Exam which consisted of getting your blood pressure, and checking your eyesight; fee was 100 pesos.

Then it was back to the LTO office. Phototaking, a little waiting, then payment (300 pesos plus), then releasing; it took 50 minutes all in all. The only thing I didn’t like was my picture. Now I have to live with a grumpy photo for the next 3 years.


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